Equipotential Earth Mat – HP

Product Code: EPRSM-75MB


The EPR Safety Mat has a unique three layer design. The central, electrically-conductive layer rapidly equalises the electrical potential across the mat. The upper layer insulated the asset from the electrically-conductive layer. The lower layer is a special electrically-conductive elastomer that protects the central layer and provides electrical continuity to that layer.


  • 1000mm x 750mm Earth Potential Rise Safety Mat
  • Material:
  • Layer 1 – NBR-PVC Rubber (non conductive, course fabric, non slip finish) TOP
  • Layer 2 – Stainless Steel 316L Fine Wire Mesh MIDDLE
  • Layer 3 – NBR PVC Rubber (Conductive Medium Fabric non slip) BOTTOM
  • Bonding Kit: 2m Single core flexible conductor with black insulation and Heavy duty spring clamp
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