Wire Holding Stick

Product Code: RC403-3068

The wire holding stick is used on energized systems, observing the hot stick method procedures, to hold and position conductors and jumper cables, especially during splicing operations. Also, this tool is used to disconnect/connect cables to pin insulators.

The control level on the stick is used for gripping the conductor into the holding jaws. By using the threaded nut, it is possible to pre-adjust the wire-holding jaws open, according to the conductor size.

The two threaded bolts have been designed to provide the control lever locking, after gripping the conductor.

The head of the tool locks in three different positions (left, middle and right) allowing the lineman to handle the conductor from any angle. The gripper is suitable for 6 AWG (OD 4mm – 0.2″) solid copper cables through 1590 MCM ACSR (OD 38mm – 1.5″) aluminium cables.

  • OD: 1.25″
  • Total Length: 6.5fit
  • Insulating Length: 4.5ft
  • Conductor OD Min: 0.2″
  • Conductor OD Max: 1.5″
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