Pole Cable Guard

Product Code: UGOH

¨ New hi-tech composite material

¨ High strength and impact resistant

¨ Superior strength-to-weight ratio compared to most metals

¨ UV resistant

¨ Life expectancy of at least 30 years

¨ Non-conductive—No requirement for bonding or earthing

¨ Light weight, compact and easy to install

¨ Universal—one product can be used on timber, steel, concrete and composite poles using coach screws or “Band-It Strapping”

¨ Utilises a saddle clamp that can be repositioned anywhere along the Pole Cable Guard if there are imperfections or bows in the pole

¨ Extendable for different length requirements with interlocking male to female section

¨ Can be cut with standard hand saw for customised installations

¨ Fire resistant with self extinguishing properties


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