Glove Check

Product Code: GLO-ROL1 or GLO-ROL2

As recommended in IEC 60903 & ASTM F496,

Rubber Insulating Gloves should be subject to

a daily or pre-use Air Test.

The new Balmoral Engineering Glove Air Test Tool facilitates this critical safety requirement.

EASY TO USE: Slide glove cuff in one end, roll up trapping air, check for pin holes/leaks.

Using the correct tool and procedure enhances safety and eliminates tearing or destroying gloves with incorrect devices or techniques.

  • Roll Tool for HV gloves & LV gloves.
  • Always check gloves prior to each use.
  • Takes seconds to use.
  • Durable Lightweight plastic.
  • Fits inside a standard glove bag.
  • Tapered at both ends for ease of use.


For LV Glove, use P/N: GLO-ROL1 (length: 360mm)

For HV Glove, use P/N: GLO-ROL2 (length: 300mm)



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